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All of our meat is finished, frozen, and packaged with care – then delivered to your door in an insulated box.


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Rest assured while enjoying healthy, delicious meals made from ethical meat. Safe for your family and better for our planet.


We source only 100% U.S. beef direct from farming cooperatives with zero reliance on medicine, chemicals, or other growth hormones. Unlike high-volume livestock operations, we form only true partnerships held securely in place by values and a shared commitment – to never produce poor-quality, nutrient deficient food. 

All of our partnering ranches care about the nourishment, health, and well-being of their herds. Like our customers, our animals are accommodated and cared for. Careful steps are taken to ensure a healthy, ethical, and sustainable process that starts right on the ranch. No chemicals or additives means we give you the true benefits of grass-fed, grass-finished beef.

Every USDA-inspected product is crafted with the promise that you and your family can buy and enjoy with confidence. Guaranteed.

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Black Diamond Beef Co. provides its customers with all natural, grass fed/finished beef.

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  • (2 lbs.) All-Natural, Free-Range Chicken Breast

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  • (10 lbs.) Beef Box

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  • (1 lb.) Thick Cut, Uncured Bacon

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  • 1 lb. Grass Fed Steak Fajita Tips

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  • (3 lbs.) Heritage Pork Chops Pack

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  • (2+ lbs.) Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon Pack

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Black Diamond Beef
All Natural Grass Fed Beef

Every product is personally delivered from farm to doorstep, by one of our staff. Remember that you have a choice about what you’re feeding your family. We will never mislead you about our meat and encourage you to check out our resources about the benefits of grass fed grass finished beef.

Grass Fed.
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